About Dreamcatchers

Lesley Wilson BSc, FCIPD-A Profile

By way of introduction

I run a small, niche consultancy called DREAMCATCHERS based in Scotland specialising in Organisation Development, Leadership and Coaching working with clients in the public, private and voluntary sectors on the issues that challenge them.

And what is unique about Dreamcatchers

Working with a diverse group of Associates, we provide a flexible and sustainable support to existing and new clients creating long term relationships with them. Building on 20 years experience gained as an HRD professional, I moved my focus to organisation development and have run Dreamcatchers for 11 years. My exploration to find new approaches in personal and organisation development has added value to many clients. I am a trained and accredited practitioner in Leading Organisational and Personal Transition (William Bridges), an experienced practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry applying it as a powerful strengths based approach to whole systems change and have trained with Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff in Future Search-a whole systems strategic planning process. I also work with clients using the Thinking Environment approach (Nancy Kline) to enhance the quality of thinking and decision making individually and collectively in senior teams.

As a qualified executive coach, I bring all of the above processes and practices to bear in working with individuals to address the issues that challenge them

Additionally, I teach Organisation Development and Change at Edinburgh Napier Business School, requiring regular updating of my knowledge and research base, critical for my practice as an Organisation Development practitioner.

Research Visit to New Zealand

4 years ago I spent a few months living and working in Vancouver researching public service change in health and education in British Columbia. That trip opened mymind to new ways of thinking and approaching the multi layered and complex public service change agenda in the UK encouraging me very definitely to a strengths based practitioner approach building on what works in whole systems and in people to address complex issues.

As the UK moves into a time of considerable change in public services driven by the current deficit, I funded a further learning journey to New Zealand early this year to explore how they address issues of leadership and change in public services. Little did I know the adventure that would unfold through events, stories, opportunities to facilitate events and individual conversations. It opened my eyes to the criticality of communities and family especially when an earthquake destroys the infrastructure of a major city and its surrounding communities.

There is much we can learn from how local people have engaged in supporting themselves, their families and their communities to begin the long process of rebuild in a wise and mindful way. Since then my interest has expanded to working with community groups who want to engage more widely, creatively with an independence of mind and spirit.

This is a wonderful quote from an outdoor space in Wellington, capital of New Zealand which captures some of the essence of New Zealanders.

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