Anticipation of a weekend in the country

I’m heading off this morning for a weekend of photography in Kirkcudbright with a friend. Kirkcudbright is a town on the south west coast of Scotland and not somewhere I have any knowledge of. I’m told its an artists town and the light is wonderful. So, my camera is packed along with a borrowed tripod. Wet weather gear is stowed away, wellingtons are on loan and I’m hoping for some sun.

Maybe by the end of the weekend I’ll have some good photos to share on the blog.

I’m not sure if I shared with you anything about my last photography course which was at Loch Awe last May and was focussing on wildlife. It was a fabulous day of learning and fun although mostly taking photos of my fellow photographers! It was rather more difficult to get excited about the caterpillar on the underside of a fern leaf which was my ‘subject’ for at least an hour. You get the picture from my intro image-need I say more.

Now as the morning wore on in my photographic extravaganza, I shifted to a hide to photograph birds and did manage 1 image of a chaffinch that I rather liked.

So, my hopes for this weekend. That I get some shots I’m proud of, get a better understanding of shutter speed, aperture and using different lens and get to know a new place…oh, and have fun. So, I’m feeling good and there’s even a bit of blue sky this morning so it bodes well. MAybe I’ll share some of the highlights when I get home-depends on the results.


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