Unexpected Conversations

I spent last week in the Cotswolds on an autumn break. It’s many years since I’ve visited that part of the world and I had good memories but last week surpassed my expectations and the place sparkled every day. It got hotter and hotter as the week progressed reaching temperatures of more than 26 degrees on Friday-hotter than Costa del Sol and parts of Greece.

I reckon we all need some sun to boost our immune systems and our spirits for the coming autumn.

So, what about unexpected conversations? The possibility of these happen often but you have to be receptive to them and just stay in the moment to really capture their essence. Holidays are good for this as time seems to just unfold rather than rush by……well, in my holidays anyway. Here are a few snippits of last weeks conversations that resonated with me.

As I sat in Broadway slurping an ice cream  and watching the world go by, I was joined by an older lady who arrived with a party of walkers. She told me she was holidaying at a Holiday Fellowship venue nearby and participated in organised walks everyday. The day we met she had done 8 miles  and was tired but happy. She said that she loved walking and this was a way for her to meet new people, have different conversations and just appreciate the beauty of the countryside. This has spurred me into action and I’m planning to do a walking holiday next Spring so an unexpected conversation leads me to new paths.

Another day, as I walked through the woodland walk near Anne Hathaways Cottage in Stratford, I came across a clearing in  a woodland area. I was especially drawn to it because it was bedecked with dreamcatchers and quotes about dreams from various Shakespeare plays. As my business is called Dreamcatchers it caused me to stay there awhile. I was joined in the clearing by an elderly man and a young Chinese student and we got talking. One minute we were sharing some memories of Shakespeare plays we remembered from school days and then the next I was delighted by a personal performance from the man of speech from one of Shakespeare beginning ‘All the worlds a stage……..’ Amazing-an unexpected personal performance and wonderful because of it. Do things like this happen to other people?

And then there was a deep conversation with a lady who was a stargazer. We met in a gallery in Chipping Campden and were admiring a painting of a sky at night and her interest in the night sky just emerged. She shared the delights there for all to see in the skies over the Cotswolds. That evening I found myself looking up and the sky was indeed filled with an amazing array of constellations and planets. Living in the city, we don’t often look up because light pollution is too great to see much at all. For a short period of that conversation in the gallery I was reminded me of how small we are in an ever expanding universe -and how beautiful it is.

What unexpected conversations have you had recently? 

And finally, here is a classic Cotswolds village scene to whet your appetite for a visit.


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