Choosing a Path

Not my best picture but it makes a point-we all come across forks or crossroads in our journeys through anywhere. And we make choices-sometimes consciously, sometimes not . It can be easier to take the well travelled route-the one travelled by many others  and yet what would have happened if we had made another choice.

Some years ago, a friend and I were guiding a metasaga in a country estate outside Perth in central Scotland. Before people arrived for their mini journey, I wandered through the estate and mapped out a possible start route. There was a clear route which many had walked before but there were a few deviations through denser shrubbery that drew me. And so I wandered off the path and through a darker part of the woodland. At one stage where I had almost decided to go back to the main path I turned a corner and in front of me was the most amazing bush-fire red.

I should have mentioned that it was March and there was little colour as it had been a long,hard winter. There were shades of brown and dull evergreens with the odd clump of snowdrops sparkling white with their deep green leaves. This bush was amazing and, in the moment I saw it, my heart sang and I decided that this was exactly the reason I had strayed off the path-to find this bush, on this day, on my own. The participants on the metasaga also appreciated the bush and what it represented.

And so it is with life. If we stick to the well tried and tested paths, they serve us well (maybe?) but think about how much unexpected discovery there is just out of our line of sight. I’m currently reading a book recommended by a friend called  ‘ A Weekend to Change your Life’ by Joan Anderson. By the way, you’ve guessed correctly, it is American and it would take longer than a weekend to change ingrained habits of a lifetime. But, she suggests that you can make a start on the journey.

If you were to step off the beaten track ,  what would you do or where would you go? What experience would you like to have? What would you like to discover about yourself?

Small or large, long or short-each day there are opportunities to do something you always wanted to do but never had the time or the courage to do.

Some small and large adventures, I’ve had as a starter for 10.


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