Fresh Perspectives

A friend sent me some photos from a hot air balloon flight she took last week. This was a response on what fitted under her heading of ‘Being Bold’ (topic of last post). In addition to the balloon flight, she had recently helped out at a music festival in Holland serving beer -not bold in itself (although it could be if you haven’t done it before) but she speaks no dutch! She had a ball, met new people,and was energised by the experiences.

On both occasions, she saw the world she is part of from different perspectives, had a heightened experience and different conversations.

The balloon is amazing-colour and sheer scale. I was amazed at how small people are compared to the balloon. Her preparation to be bold began at the stage she researched and booked the flight some weeks before.

And then the day arrives and the experience unfolds. We met to walk and talk earlier this week and our conversation came around to the topic of perspective as she shared a bit about her experience. From the balloon, she saw the land very differently. There was a clarity, a broad landscape, detail of farms and forests that, even although she has lived in this area for many years, she had no idea existed.

She was exhilarated by the flight. It’m made me think about how we see things and yet notice not a lot. This is especially true when we rush about our lives and work, often with our minds not in the moment we are in but in the next meeting, place we are heading to, the things we need to do…..and yet, all these amazing people, landscapes, businesses are there waiting for our attention.

How often making a small shift of my thinking can open up new avenues of possibilities. For instance, taking a boat down the Clyde with a client I was coaching and seeing the river from a new place allowed the person to consider different ways to address an issue she had been struggling with for some time. We explored metaphors that emerged from the short journey like the fact that the original industries of the Clyde like shipbuilding had come to an end very painfully but slowly something new emerged  like the media and creative industries. She spoke of the need to let some things go and allow the new to appear.

So, I’ve shifted from balloon flights to boat trips. Sometimes we can make a shift just by putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes or , at least, trying to do so. We can step back from being busy, slow down and just notice what is happening around us in the workplace, at home, with our friends, in our community.

What would you like to see from a fresh perspective and how can you create space for this to happen? 

I’d love to hear your stories or your thoughts on this topic.




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