Being Bold

It was my birthday yesterday and a friend sent me a card  saying ‘Another year older, Another year bolder’. Well, guess the part I liked about the this-yup, ‘Another Year Bolder’.

I love the idea of being braver and pushing the boundaries of my experience-and I’ve decided to make a list of things I want to do that are outwith my usual ‘comfort zone’.  How to do this is the question.

And, of course, things happen or opportunities arise everyday that potentially allow us to push the boundaries in small or larger ways. Whether we choose to notice them is another issue. Here’s how I want to feel at every opportunity I have to grow-intellectually, socially, economically and spiritually.


So, what might be bold? One thing that I’ve committed to in the last week that has taken me by surprise is I’ve signed up to do a post graduate qualification in one aspect of my work. Although each year I take up some new learning like creative writing, travel writing, photography, even Greek and Roman mythology, I generally have not committed to the discipline of following a workplan and writing and handing in assignments. This time all of that will be involved as well as professional practice, online peer coaching and discussion and academic reading. So, this will be interesting and I’m excited by it. Will possibly write about how it unfolds in reality……….

A friend of mine told me that she was undertaking a short introduction to live comedy and then participating as a stand up comedian a few nights later in a comedy club in Glasgow. You know what they say about Glasgow audiences being amongst the toughest for comedians. The event was for charity so hopefully the audience was supportive but still that’s what I call bold. But not my kind of bold. I’m more likely to take an opportunity to work in a different place with different people or to volunteer for something that comes across my path. I’m going to pay attention more to what opportunities emerge and ask friends for suggestions to see what captures my imagination and energy.

For instance, a couple of years ago, a professional colleague and friend called me to ask if I wanted to go to Finland to do a Future Search programme. Future Search is a strategic Planning process for large groups involved in complex projects involving many stakeholders. I  thought about it for a while as I had never planned to do this programme nor go to Finland. But one day, walking along a river in the Borders of Scotland with sun sparkling on the water when I felt at peace with the world, I thought-why not? And had a fabulous adventure meeting new people, learning a new process (really effective at engaging many different groups with divergent views) and gaining some new insights into my facilitation practice. And connecting this back to birthdays, I had my birthday there and had the once in a lifetime experience of having Happy Birthday sung to me in 8 languages representing the diverse cultures on the programme. A memorable and very special evening.And they call this work?

And all this makes me think that the ‘being bold’ will be about learning in some form or other.

But enough about me-what about any of you reading this blog. What would being bolder mean to you? Love to have you share ideas with me.



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